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Tryton Bis has been a producer of dividers since 1994.

We have been modernising our production and extending the range of  products since then. We have also been perfecting in the consumer service.

Nowadays we not only produce dividers and organizers but we also import stationery from European Union for archivization and presentation.

Tryton Bis specialises in making dividers on clients’ request with their trademark.

Striving for perfection and diversification of our services and offer Tryton Bis constatntly cooperates with producers of dividers and organizers, wholesalers, advertising agencies, printing house and publishing houses.

Our products find their way to the markets of all Europe.

We pride ourselves in competent and experienced workers and rich machinery that we regularly develop and modernise.

The aim of our team is clients’ satisfaction from highest quality products delivered on time.



We have the following machines producing dividers and providing services:

  • SCOTT 10000 - fully automatic machine producing MYLAR dividers and others,
  • Two SCOTT TAB-Pro machines - semiautomatic machine for cutting registers,
  • Two machines SCOTT LAM-Pro - semiautomatic machine for laminating registers,
  • CITOBROMA 460 - automatic 4 head paper drill,
  • The machine to punch 11 holes in paper and foil (europerforation),
  • Romayor - a one-colour offset machine,
  • Mailpack - a machine for packing into bags,
  • Termopak - a machine for packing into termocontractible foil
  • Paper guillotine (cutting machine).

Gallery: Our machinery

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